About US

Seneen plant is Located in the new state of the art Sheikh Najjar Industrial City, One of the Largest and most reputable industrial zone in the Middle East.

Seneen has access to all of sheikh Najjar facilities including:

·         Strategic Location>

·         Banking facilities including import & export license.

·         Hospitals, Restaurants, and industrial shopping malls.

·         Railway station, and airstrip landing zone.

Seneen plant land is 4000 square meters with expansion capabilities until 12000 square meters.

Seneen was designed and built from the ground up a model plant to (filter, bottle, fill, cap, package, label and distribute various kinds of olive oil.

Seneen Pipes were designed and built according to the industrys highest global standards.

Seneen facilities are completely thermally insulated (Fiber glass – thickness of 10 cm)

Seneen Tanks, piping system and pumps are made stainless steel.

Seneen Tanks have a storage capacity of 700 tons with capability 1000 Tons.

Seneen plant employs an advanced climate control system (Standard Temperature


We are prepared to provide full services for our clients.


High Quality Olive Oil

Seneen has access to Syria’s top quality olive oil farms.

Our Superior olive oil is sourced from our top quality olive suppliers that vary across different regions, Taste, and styles.

Seneen Olive Oil is selected according to IOOC specifications.


Highly Trained staff & experts

Seneen staff are all college educated and vigorously trained.

·         Some of our staff member have over 33 years of experience in the olive oil industry.

·         Some of Seneen staff members made training courses for taste by the IOOC experts.

·         We are also ready to provide the most efficient speed for order delivery.




Seneen Quality

Seneen is currently in the process of acquiring global ISO Standards & certification.

Seneen Laboratories prepared with the best devices in the world made Europe and Japan.

Seneen machines are all made in Europe.

Seneen quality control system is the same of pharmaceutical factories quality system.


Seneen Customers

Seneen exports for many countries in the world in bulk and bottles.

All seneens exports had a perfect successful analysis assured by the biggest laboratories in the world.


We Chose for you The Purest Golden Drops




We have a big family of olive oil products:

-          Flexi Tanks 20000 – 22000 Kg.

-          Container 1000 Kg.

-          Drums 195 Kg specialized for food industry.

-          100 – 250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 ml Glass Bottles.

-          250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 ml P.E.T Fancy bottles.

-          800 ml – 2 – 4 – 8 – 10  Liter – 16 Kg Tins.